Monday, October 1, 2012

All You Need Is Love

For some Talladega Good Lovin' you need to embrace the speed
Facing the Dover Mile a week ago, Denny Hamlin contacted his sport psychologist, looking for a little help.  Seems it was the most challenging race on The Chase schedule for him, his “Achilles heel,” with an average finish of just 20.5

So what’s love got to do with it?

"Let your challenge for the week be to fall in love with this track,” the psychologist responded.  “From the moment you arrive, look at things to love about it and reasons to love it. All week look for things great and special to happen to you.  Embrace the challenge of having your best attitude that you've ever had this week. Take pride in showing yourself how strong your mind is. Own your mind and own the race track that you race. Control your attitude and let your emotions own the world. Have fun."

Good Lovin’
Feelin’ the love, Hamlin went out and grabbed the pole, led three times for 39 laps and finished 7th.  A little better fuel economy and he would have been second or third.  Talk about love at first sight. 

Hello, I Love You
So with Talladega coming up, not exactly a favorite with most drivers, where should they be looking for a little love.  Afterall, you’ve got to love the one you’re with.

Speed.  To embrace Talladega, embrace its speed.  Don’t fear it.  Love Talladega for the speed.  No more running around at the back of the pack, waiting for the big one to happen.  You’ve got a 50/50 chance of ending up in the middle of it anyway.  Go for it.  Get up front.  Fight for the lead.  Show those other guys what you’ve got, that you’re not afraid of them, Talladega or anything else.

Oh yeah.  Show them a little love too.

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