Monday, September 17, 2012

Shave The 'Stache Jeff

Shave the 'stache Jeff
OK Jeff, will you please shave the ‘stache now?

Gordon appears to be living up to his promise to bring back the mustache he sported when he first joined NASCAR’s Cup series back in 1992.  I say it appears, because after a week, it’s hard to tell.  It doesn’t look any better now than it did back then.

And after having a stuck throttle send him into the wall at Chicago, hopefully he’ll put that nonsense behind him.

Not only does the ‘stache set NASCAR back 20 years, it brings back plenty bad memories. 

Memories of a young Jeff Gordon, brash, aggressive and with more than a touch of arrogance (although relatively mild compared to guys like Brad Keselowski and the Busch Bros).

I didn’t much care for 21-year old Gordon when moved to the Cup ranks at the end of the 1992 season.  I didn’t like the fact he jumped from USAC to NASCAR.  I didn’t like the fact he jumped from Ford to Chevrolet.  I really didn’t like the fact he started beating Big E on a regular basis.  It was all just a little too easy for him.  Except growing a mustache, everything else seemed to come easy to him.

Things have changed after 20 years.

The more he struggled he recent years, the more I came to appreciate and respect him.  On the track and off, he’s proved himself to be a true champion.

Only please, please Jeff, shave the ‘stache.

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  1. I'll take Jeff Gordon's mustache over a NAPA auto parts commercial any day.