Monday, June 25, 2012

Time for a Chase Road Race

There's Plenty of Action in NASCAR Road Races
It’s not a new suggestion, but when Clint Bowyer starts winning road races, perhaps it’s time to really consider adding a road race to The Chase.

One argument against having a road race in The Chase has been that it takes the drivers and teams out of their natural element.  Sonoma and Watkins Glen have long been considered wild cards on the NASCAR schedule.  Not unlike the races at Daytona and Talladega in recent years.  You’re never quite sure what’s gonna happen.  Bowyer’s Sonoma win is a perfect example.  

But what’s wrong with that?  If a Kansas-bred dirt tracker like Bowyer can win at Sonoma, anyone can learn to be a road racer.  Road race ringers have become pretty much a thing of the past in Sprint Cup in recent years and it’s unlikely The Chase drivers would be upstaged by someone from outside coming in and stealing a victory.  

Another argument against a Chase road race is that with only two road races on the schedule, having one in the Chase puts too much emphasis on the race.  That’s easy to fix – add more road courses. 

Let’s face it; NASCAR already puts on two of the land's best road races of the year.  With ALMS and GrandAm continuing their take no prisoners road racing war, there’s an opportunity for NASCAR to step in and provide the alternative fans are looking for.  So add a couple of more road races.  If NASCAR is looking to attract new fans, start by adding those fans who already have an interest for racing.  

Where?  Rather than go back to Sonoma or Watkins Glen for a second race or simply shift one of those races into The Chase, adding a third road race is a better idea (and maybe a fourth and a fifth?).   NASCAR already runs a Nationwide race at Road America in Wisconsin and that would be a natural candidate.  Road Atlanta would keep the race close to the sport’s roots and fan base and the teams already test at the track extensively.  Take your pick.

Maybe NASCAR will be forced into action by the long anticipated news the Australian V8 Supercar series is coming to the states next year for a race at the new Circuit of Americas track being built in Austin, Texas.  Anybody tuning in to the Supercar races on Speed knows they are exciting and fun to watch.  Can’t imagine the NASCAR execs leaving the door open for something like the Supercar to come in and steal some fans.


  1. I've always been a fan of Cup cars on road courses, and would love to see more added to the schedule. How about both Road America and Road Atlanta, bringing it to four road course races, just like we have four plate races. Put Road America in the Chase, and get out of the way!

  2. I thought I was the only one that believed that the Road Races are the most exciting in the past 4 years. I would lone to see 2 more road courses Road America during the regular season and Austin during the Chase. However, it will never happen as JUNIOR does not like road courses. The Frances will never upset his fans..

  3. NASCAR should use the rolex 24 road course in Daytona as a chase race.

  4. Use Road America !!

  5. They could use Sebring International down in FL. That'd be one exciting race!