Thursday, May 17, 2012

NASCAR: Bad Brad and the DeltaWing

The DeltaWing during recent testing in France
You gotta love Brad Keselowski. 

Well it may not be love, not yet, but he’s growing on me.  Call it a man crush.  That wasn’t always the case.  Like many, it has taken me awhile to warm up to Keselowski.  At first I thought he was an outspoken, brash kid with a fluky Talladega victory, destined to be a one-race wonder like so many other Talladega winners. 

But since then he’s backed it up – repeatedly.  And he’s done it while running basically a one-man show, his Penske Dodge competing against the multi-car teams of GM, Ford and Toyota.  What was once brash and outspoken is now refreshingly open and honest. 

Take his comments while serving as co-host on Speed’s Wind Tunnel.  Regular host Dave Despain showed him images from various racing series and asked for Keselowski’s thoughts.  He showed himself to be a knowledgeable race fan with comments on rallying, motocross and Formula One.  Then Despain showed him footage of the DeltaWing.  Keselowski dumped over it.

The DeltaWing is the radical race car design rejected by IndyCar and now headed for the 24 Hours of Le Mans next month.  It could also run some ALMS races later this year, which would give the series a badly needed publicity boost.  The car has become something of a media darling and is being heavily promoted by Nissan and Michelin, among others.  Despain has been a supporter.  But that didn’t stop Keslowski.  Or even slow him down.   

“I can’t figure this car out,” he said.  “I have no idea what everybody is thinking about.  I can’t think of any fan who wants to watch this car race.  I understand technology, I love it, but who wants to watch that car race?”

Thanks Brad. I’ve been wondering the same thing.


  1. The Delta Wing is a bobsled with headlights that's pulling a wagon. What's to love about that?

    And Jimmy Clark as your favorite driver and you remember the terrific Jochen Rindt (a racer Brad K would've loved)? You're okay in my book.

    1. Thanks Jake, for your thoughts and your support.